Verbena Holiday Quartet


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The Verbena Holiday Quatuor Tin Box contains:
The Ultra Light Body Cream 50 ML
The Eau De Toilette Verbena 10 ML
The Roses Et Jardins Soap 50g
The Verbena Mandarin Whipped Hand Cream 30 ML

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L'Occitane Shea Bergamot Ultra Light Body Cream - 50ml

The Ultra Light Body Cream is an innovative body care with a unique airy texture. its lightweight finish gives a soft feel to the skin. Formulated with 5% Shea butter, it leaves the skin feeling supple and comfortable, moisturized, while enveloping it with a subtle scent.

Due to the nature of this whipped texture, which is sensitive to transportation, the cream may be unevenly distributed in the jar.


L'Occitane Eau De Toilette Verveine - 10ml

Travelling through Provence you can't help but smell the lemony freshness of Verbena growing along the paths and filling the marketplaces.


L'Occitane Rose Perfumed Soap - 50g

Formulated with a vegetable base, this body soap gently cleanses the skin and leaves behind a soft, floral, feminine scent, where green and fruity notes mingle with Rosa Centifolia floral water from Provence


L'Occitane Verbena Mandarin Whipped Hand Cream - 30ml

This hand cream, with its whipped texture, helps moisturize the skin, while perfuming it with a fresh, enveloping scent.


Verbena Holiday Quatuor Tin Box

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